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The following is an information outline on the growing FW Artist Collective,promoting independent products via the FW Music Store online atwww.fwmusicstore.co.uk

Thegoal of the Artist Collective is to strengthen the careers of independentmusic artists who are releasing their own cd's and merch without the assistanceof labels (or on small labels who want to retail through our store), and don't haveexclusive distribution deals in place.

TheFW Artist Collective offers a non-exclusive, world-wide mail-order sales& distribution service that allows your cd's to be sold alongsidebigger-label releases whilst becoming publicized via direct marketingto over 1500 FW Music Store subscribers and that number is risingsteadily.

Ontop of the mail-order sales and basic newsletter promotions, the FW MusicStore Artist Collective partnerships also allow for the facilitation ofother paid-services, like product manufacturing, PR services in severalcountries, digital download sales and even possible traditional physical-productdistribution to stores in some territories, as well as film & TV licencing;all these opportunities can be discussed on a project-by-project basis.

"Thesoul of the FW Music Store is the networking opportunities it providesvia its online community of subscribers, as well as the access to theFading Ways street-teams of independent music fans around the world. Ifyou are an artist putting out your own records, you can gain access toa ready-made independent-friendly fanbase, with the understanding thatyou too will do as much as possible to spread the word on the FW MusicStore in order to further increase the numbers of our community of musicfans. Sales achievements depend as much on you putting the word out asit does on FW's own efforts, and those of all the other artists involvedin the Collective. Together, as an independent community, we have theopportunity to change the world. Er.. or at least the music business aswe know it!" - Neil Leyton, London, 2007.

fadingways artist collective

Everyartist in the collective gets their own webpage on the FW Music Store,as well as an artist photo, link to their website, and the store allowsfans to write in their reviews. You can also link your site directly toyour product page on the FW Music Store. The secure online orderingaccepts paypal payments, and you can now pay via paypal using a creditcard without a paypal account. We ship out FW Artist Collective ordersthe same day we received them, worldwide. FW Collective Artists settheir own price for the sale of their releases via the FW Music Store.Fading Ways pays the Collective on a monthly basis via Paypal providedthere are sales over a threshold that can be mutually agreed. Thepartnership between FW Music Store and its Collective Artists iscompletely non-exclusive. The Fading Ways Music Store Artist CollectivePartnerships have an unlimited term but are terminable at any time bythe Artist.

FadingWays pays 70% of all sales to artist; artists / labels simplydeliver the CDs to the Fading Ways warehouse in London, UK, along withpromotional materials and a promotional "blurb"; Fading Wayspromotes the release using all the materials provided to its fans/customers,including, but not limited to, prize giveaways, flyering, newsletters,and any other promotional initiatives that we have going on coincidingwith the time of release.

AdditionalServices (contact FW for cost quotes & details):

oPR - We can recommend several PR companiesin different markets, tailored to fit different budgets.Manufacturing Facilitation - via the Fading Ways label's manufacturer,at reduced rates. Professionally manufactured discs & print, or print-only& CDRs depending on your budget. Barcodes included in manufacturedunits to facilitate future distribution possibilities that may arise viaFW label distributors.
oBoutique Label Management - for those who want their releases to be issuedunder your own label name in conjunction with the FW Music Store, we canhelp you set up your own label brand name & logo. Contact [email protected]
o Distribution to Stores (FW labels' distributedterritories only: Canada, UK, Benelux, Germany, Finland).In some situations, it may be possible to distribute your FW Music StoreArtist Collective release via some of the FW label distributors. One pre-requisiteis a strong PR push in that territory, and a professionally manufacturedrelease.
o Film & TV Licencing - in-house via Fading Ways as well as ourlicensing partners.
o Fading Ways "Share" co-op promotional series of EP's, licensedunder Creative Commons By-Nc-Sa licences.
o Digital Audio Mastering at MonkeyMan studios. Pro-Tools environment,full range of plug-ins.
o Digital Download sales via our DSP, Finetunes, as well as all their partner stores(yes, iTunes too...)
o Affordable artist websites using the Open Source Joomla CMS
- contact [email protected]
o Merchandise manufacturing faciliation - contact [email protected]

o Other future initiatves (FW will contact the Collective when other newopportunities arise! We've got a highly trained team of monkeys workingon new hare-brained schemes all the time! Some of them have even become so evolvedas to discover they actually possess opposable thumbs...)

o Find out about more of these services and sign up via the Services PDF.

CollectiveArtists' Commitments to the Community:

*to continue to promote themselves via recordings, touring and other artistactivities, to the best of their skill & ability;
toassist in the promotion of the FW Music Store and its Collective via theplacement of banners and links on all artist pages / sites;
toinform their own fanbase about the FW Music Store as the primary sourcefor mail-order international sales;
toencourage their fans to participate in the Community via online FW MusicStore reviews, forum postings, and street-team activities;
* t
okeep FW Music Store updated of its activities on a (minimum) monthly basis,but preferably on a weekly basis;
toimmediately notify Fading Ways of any legal contracts or change of circumstancesthat may affect its agreement with the FW Music Store (record deals, publishingdeals, performance societies' membership, management deals, etc.)
* a signed guarantee / waiver is to be provide by artist or label to FadingWays assuring they have the full rights to enter into the PartnershipAgreement of their choice and/or additional service options; includingthe right to issue their works under Creative Commons if they choose toparticipate in the "Choice" series; and indemnify the FW MusicStore, Fading Ways, other FW labels and the Collective community fromany third party suits that might arise in this belligerent world of lawyers.

signupnow and join the collective (download the AgreementPDFand mail it in to us to the following address: FW Artist Collective,c/o Chris McDougall:FLAT 1, 272 CAMDEN RD., LONDON NW1 9AB UK) and we can start working together! Thereis no start-up fee attached to the partnership agreements; it is non-exclusive;we will account to you monthly, and you can cancel anytime if that dreamybig record deal comes along. If, on the other hand, you wish to remain in control of your own releases, start you own label, and generally own your own creations, check out our new Licensing deal.

www.fwmusicstore.co.uk www.fadingwaysmusic.com www.fwfinland.com www.myspace.com/fadingwaysartistcollective

Contact:[email protected]